Annabelle's Story - aged 12

(Permission granted to share, with false name and photo to protect identity)
My best friend was into loads of things like drugs and that. She was always out getting drunk and could do what she liked because she was in care. She used to call me a pushover for going back home on time and not doing anything other than weed.

I was worried about her, still am but one day she came to me really upset and frightened, saying she owed this man money. He told her that she could pay it off by doing him a favour. She said that she couldn’t sleep with him, because of Ryan her boyfriend, as he would kill her.

She begged and begged me to sleep with him and promised me that she would never buy drugs off this guy again. She told the man about Ryan and that he would go after him and hurt him. He agreed that if she got a friend to sleep with him, then he would cancel the debt as a one off. He said if she didn’t, then he would break her legs instead. This man has a real reputation and you don’t mess with him.

She was so upset and desperate that I did it!

It was the worst thing I have ever done and I hate myself and want to die. I can’t be near her now, not ever.