Support Services

One to One support

Through experience and research, we have found that the most successful way of enabling women to step out of abusive lifestyles and engage with support services, is through building trust and confidence through regular one-to-one support.

Areas of assistance can include

We come alongside women wherever they are on their journey and provide an initial consultation to identify their specific needs. We build a tailored support plan which can be put into place. This helps focus on setting short term goals and breaking down tasks into manageable sizes.

Area of assistance can include advice or referral to partnering agencies in:  housing, finance, drug and alcohol treatment, health, criminal justice, mediation, ante-and post-natal support, education, training, employment and a listening service.



We work with women to break down barriers and reduce seemingly insurmountable tasks into manageable sizes. We help them develop tools and skills to achieve these targets one step at a time.

It is our policy to seek and develop effective collaboration and strategic partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies to help address the multiplicity of issues surrounding those involved in prostitution..

Bridging the Gap:

Through a strong network of support through our partners, we aim to enable those involved in prostitution to access support services where they exist, rather than to replicate them.