About Us

Who we are:

Streetlight UK provides a dedicated, specialised support service for women involved in prostitution across
Sussex, Surrey and London. This includes an on-call service for the Crawley and Gatwick Police ‘Hotel Watch’ schemes, servicing some 30 plus hotels around the airport and surrounding areas.

  • We offer specialist advice and assistance to women with multiple related disadvantages of involvement in prostitution, including mental health issues.
  • We support law enforcers, local authorities and other statutory and non-statutory bodies with training and awareness on the harms of prostitution including sex trafficking.

StreetlightUK is an affiliate member of Beyond the Streets sharing resource, training and good practice with similar projects and agencies all across the UK.

Our Aims

To build relationship with women involved in prostitution including those trafficked into the sex trade and at risk of sexual exploitation. To provide effective harm reduction and exit support advice. To raise awareness among the wider community of the dangers and harms of prostitution, particularly for young people in being groomed and sexually exploited.

Recognize and value the uniqueness of each individual, their family and circumstances.

To befriend and establish long term relationships with those involved in prostitution.

Respect personal choices, leading to an individual approach to all support given

To seek womens emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and economic well-being.

To promote social inclusion, breaking the cycle of crisis and reducing loneliness

To identify other service providers.

To raise public awareness and promote an understanding of the issues surrounding sexual exploitation within the wider community.

To empower women to exit prostitution where they wish to do so and to support them in sustaining a new life

Our Objectives:


To provide a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory accessible service to support those exploited within the sex trade..


Create a safe environment within relationships in order to bring respect, value and dignity for the individual.


Confidentiality and unconditional positive regard play a significant part in creating this safety. Healthy boundaries within the relationship will give opportunity for mutual respect to develop.

To offer an holistic wrap around support that goes beyond crisis intervention and harm reduction to empower women to:


  1. Regain physical and emotional stability.
  2. Rebuild trust, self esteem and confidence.
  3. Receive support and address root causes in a safe environment.
  4. Reconnect with self, family and society.
  5. Reach their full potential.

To develop effective collaboration and strategic partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies.

StreetlightUK always seeks to pursue excellence in service delivery across our partnership.


To enable women to access and engage with existing services through advocacy and support.

Our Values 

The ethos of Streetlight UK is at the heart of how we work and is motivated by our Christian faith and underpinned by a foundation of prayer. However, no one is ever excluded from any level of service Streetlight UK offers due to any faith held or not held on their part.

Compassion motivates us, and we seek to serve the women who are often marginalised and misunderstood by society, recognising the inherent value of each individual we encounter.

We are committed to social justice and opposed to all forms of discriminatory practice.

No person seeking help and support from Streetlight UK will be treated less favourably on grounds of: race, colour, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation. By offering befriending and support we seek to offer fresh choices and increase an individual’s capability to make positive decisions for themselves.

The majority of people caught in prostitution are women.  However a growing number of men are also involved in the sex trade.  Female terms for victims and male terms for abusers on this website are used as this is the most common form of prostitution. Where Streetlight UK comes across the needs of men or LGBTQ individuals involved in prostitution, they will be treated with equal concern.

Our approach

Streetlight UK takes an holistic approach towards those involved in prostitution, caring for their whole person – body, mind, soul and spirit. We are committed to journeying with those who seek our help for as long as is needed to see them established and empowered to live a new life free from exploitation and control within the sex trade.

Equal Opportunity

Streetlight UK is committed to social justice and opposed to all forms of discrimination. No person seeking support from us will be treated less favourably on grounds of: race, colour, nationality, gender, age or sexual orientation, religious, philosophical or political beliefs, physical disability, mental health, learning difficulty, living with HIV/Aids. In entering into partnership with other agencies, Streetlight UK will seek a mutual commitment to Equal Opportunity.