Sexual Exploitation Police Training

Training Details

This training is designed for police officers who may encounter women in prostitution and victims of sexual exploitation. It gives detailed background knowledge around the topic of prostitution and sexual exploitation and gives practical tips for how to work with, engage and support the women in an effective and informed manner.

Whilst we understand that women involved in prostitution are vulnerable, we also understand that women involved in prostitution are contributing to crime. Our aim is to shift the blame from the vulnerable women and focus more on the sex buyers, as they have more of a choice than the women. Whilst we promote active listening skills and empathy towards these women, it is inevitable that there may be situations in which police enforcement needs to be used. For example, if a woman engages in criminal activity towards the men soliciting. This is understandable and recognised as a necessary action.

The course is 3 hours long (with breaks), delivered over half a day, either in a morning or afternoon.

This course has been designed in partnership with Met Police and Local Authorities and has already been delivered to over 80 police officers in Surrey and over 50 officers in Sussex.

Trainings include case studies, practical workshop tasks and Q&A opportunities. We can cater for both large and small group sessions.
Our trainers come with over 25 years’ experience in this field, with specialisms in sexualised trauma, sexual health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, mental health, wellbeing, suicide awareness, coercion and control, sexual exploitation with trafficked victims and prostitution survivors.

Overview of Subjects Included:

The following is a brief overview of the specialist training that StreetlightUK delivers for Police, Local Authority and other professionals and stakeholders. We approach the subject from a survivor perspective and a community safety and cohesion focus, with a vulnerable and often hard to reach group of individuals.

  1. Overview of Prostitution in the UK and the Women
  2. Sex Buyers and Control and coercion
  3. Engaging with the Women and Community impact

Financial Costs:

The training is £500 for a 3-hour training session, which includes all training materials and two experienced trainers present.

It is considered as part of the CPD (Continuous Personal Development) and would fit well into this budget.

Police Teams of up to 30 – and can be delivered both in person or remotely online. 

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We also offer bespoke training for related issues specifically requested by professionals in responding to victims of sexual exploitation and violence as a result of their involvement in prostitution.

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