Angela's Story - aged 14

(Permission granted to share, with false name and photo to protect identity)

My dad and brother were part of the “xxxx” crew. They are both in prison for drugs. My mum moved us to another part of London but some people from “YYYY” crew recognised me.

They told me if I didn’t do a line up, they would stab me.

I told them to **** off but two of them got hold of me and stabbed me in the arm.

They said if I didn’t do the line up, they would stab my little sister and have sex with her. I didn’t have a choice.  I did the line-up and they filmed it.

They said they would put it on You-Tube for everyone to see what a whore I was, if I didn’t start working for them and make a film of my sister as well.

My sister was only 10.