Volunteer Form

1. Personal Details

2. Skills & Experience

3. Medical History

4. Convictions

If you have answered ‘yes’ then please provide details of all offences on a separate sheet marked “CONFIDENTIAL”. Under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions (Amendment) Order 1986 (SI 1986 No. 1249) you are required to declare all convictions (including ‘spent’ offences) before commencing work with The Streetlight Project.

To work with our Team it is necessary for us to conduct a DBS check.

(If you are unwilling for a DBS check to be made it will be necessary to restrict the areas in which you will be able to work within the project)
Should you wish to view the DBS’s ‘Code of Practice’, it is available upon request. Please note that there isn’t an automatic bar on recruitment if something is found on the DBS check.

5. Your Spiritual / Christian Perspective

a) When would you say you became a Christian?
b) Please briefly describe your Christian viewpoint and journey.

6. Transport

Due to the nature of some voluntary work with Streetlight, we need to make sure you are able to travel safely to and from ‘OUTREACH. Please let us know about your travel arrangements with regards to volunteering with us.

7. References

Please give details of two people who may be approached for references. If you attend a church, one referee should be your current church leader or pastoral oversight. The other reference MUST be from your employer or someone who is a professional, or knows you in a professional work capacity.

8. Emergency Contact

Please provide details of someone whom we can contact on your behalf in the event of an accident or emergency.


StreetlightUK ETHOS

Each of us has a different shaped faith, as God meets with us as individuals. Jesus showed us how to live life to the full, empowered through the day-to-day breath of God’s Holy Spirit.

We seek to live like Him – empowered by and dependent on the Spirit and learning from His teachings and His life on earth.

We believe in ‘the priesthood of all believers’, which means all, are created equal. We are all part of one body - the universal church, and Jesus is the Head. We are to be literal good news to all we meet, just like Jesus was.

But we are to share it in community. Wrestling through our beliefs, our doubts (as John the Baptist did) and our thoughts and actions are a part of living life as a Christian. This often means that we don’t agree on every doctrinal detail, but we believe that this is part of the beauty of being in community with those seeking to become more like Jesus each day. The ethos of StreetlightUK is at the heart of how we work and is motivated by our Christian faith and governed by biblical principles. However, no one is ever excluded from any level of service StreetlightUK offers due to any faith held or not held on their part, although as a volunteer you would be expected to adhere to and agree with the StreetlightUK ethos. Compassion motivates us, and we seek to serve people who are often marginalised and misunderstood by society to the best of our ability recognising the inherent value of each individual we encounter. Jesus showed this humility and conviction throughout His life, and we continue to be inspired and invigorated by His example and message. We are committed to social justice and opposed to all forms of discriminatory practice. No person seeking help and support from Streetlight will be treated less favourably on grounds of: race, colour, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation. By offering befriending and support we seek to show options, and increase an individual’s capability to make positive decisions for themselves.